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CFMEU’s Luke Collier added to No Permit List

The Fair Work Commission has suspended CFMEU official Luke Collier’s Right of Entry permit, effectively banning him from stepping foot onto any construction site in Australia for the next 12 months.

This is a timely reminder to site managers to always check Right of Entry permits.

Union officials are allowed to enter building sites to speak with workers, investigate workplace law breaches and perform inspections under work health and safety laws, but they MUST hold a Federal Right of Entry permit.

You should request to see and inspect the original permit. It is not enough for the official to flash the permit at you. You are entitled to, and should, inspect it.

The Fair Work Commission suspended Mr Collier’s Right of Entry permit because he

knowingly falsely declared that he had never been convicted of an offence when he applied for the permit in 2013.

Mr Collier has subsequently been added to FWBC’s No Permit List. The No Permit List names people who do not have a valid Right of Entry permit. Some of them have a history of attempting to enter building sites without valid permits. There are now 21 people on the list.

Of those 21, 18 are from CFMEU, two are from the ETU and one is from the AMWU.

If someone on the list comes onto site, and does not leave when asked, call the police. You should also report this to FWBC.

FWBC also has a conditional permit list on its website. This names union officials who currently have conditions imposed on their federal entry permit.

For confidential information or advice about Right of Entry, please don’t hesitate to contact FWBC’s Hotline on 1800 003 338, 7am - 5pm Monday – Friday. Or you can find more information on FWBC’s website.

If you think a Right of Entry breach may have occurred, we urge you to call the Hotline immediately.

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