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72 CFMEU officials before the courts

FWBC has revealed it currently has 72 CFMEU officials before the courts.

Fourteen of the 72 men are facing court because FWBC is trying to have their Federal Right of Entry permit suspended, revoked, or have their application for a permit refused.

The remaining 58 men are facing a total of 403 alleged workplace law breaches.

FWBC Director Nigel Hadgkiss said among the 72 officials were National Secretary Dave Noonan, who is facing court for allegedly organising industrial action at a children’s hospital development, and National Vice President Michael Ravbar.

On top of that, there are five CFMEU State Secretaries, seven CFMEU Assistant Secretaries and two CFMEU Presidents before the courts.

“My agency does not pick and choose who it puts before the courts. Where there are allegations of law-breaking within our jurisdiction, we investigate. If there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest, then we take the matter to court. We do this without fear or favour. I regret to say that the vast majority of complaints we receive relate to the CFMEU,” Mr Hadgkiss.

There are 18 Victorian-based officials currently before the courts, including State Secretary John Setka, former State Secretary Bill Oliver, President Ralph Edwards, Vice President Derek Christopher and Assistant Secretaries Shaun Reardon and Elias Spernovasilis.

Queensland has 15 officials before the court, including Kane Pearson, Adam Olsen, Anthony Kong, Michael Myles and Robert Kera.

There are 11 SA-based officials, including State Secretary Aaron Cartledge and Assistant Secretaries Darren Roberts and Michael McDermott.

Meanwhile WA has 10 officials before the court, including State Secretary Michael Buchan, Assistant Secretary Joseph McDonald and President Campbell McCullough.

State Secretary Brian Parker is one of eight NSW officials before the court and ACT State Secretary Dean Hall is one of seven officials before the court in the nation’s capital.


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