Industry Update


Message from the Director

A number of issues loom large this year, and it is more important than ever that people in the building and construction industry can stay in touch with the right information from FWBC.To help get the correct information when and where it is needed, I am pleased...

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Come on get Appy

FWBC has launched a free App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The FWBC App, called FWBC On Site, will help people get information based on their role in the building and construction industry.Workers, employers, site managers and union officials can get information...

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Compulsory 2013 Building Code audits starting

For the greater part of 2014, FWBC conducted voluntary audits under the 2013 Building Code. These audits were voluntary in nature as the building and construction industry participants who were subject of the audit participated on a voluntary basis. Throughout...

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72 CFMEU officials before the courts

FWBC has revealed it currently has 72 CFMEU officials before the courts.Fourteen of the 72 men are facing court because FWBC is trying to have their Federal Right of Entry permit suspended, revoked, or have their application for a permit refused.The remaining 58...

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Building and construction activity update

Building and construction activity remains high, despite some areas of the industry showing a continued downturn in the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).Construction is one of the biggest contributors to growth in Australia, only coming...

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Union officials must obey safety rules

In recent weeks FWBC has launched four court cases against union officials for allegedly disobeying safety laws on building and construction sites.In one of the cases CFMEU ACT State Secretary Dean Hall, the CFMEU, CFMEU ACT & other officials are facing penalties...

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Court penalises CFMEU and officials $205,100

The CFMEU and 10 of its current and former officials were penalised $205,100 for illegal activity on three Adelaide construction sites in a case brought by FWBC.The conduct included CFMEU official John Perkovic abusing an FWBC Investigator. The court said Mr Perkovic...

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Freedom of Association - Know Your Rights

Recent troubling reports of a union official in Queensland padlocking workers out of a smoko shed and throwing non-union members’ food on the ground has highlighted the importance of workers understanding the rules around freedom of association.What is ‘Freedom...

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CFMEU’s Luke Collier added to No Permit List

The Fair Work Commission has suspended CFMEU official Luke Collier’s Right of Entry permit, effectively banning him from stepping foot onto any construction site in Australia for the next 12 months.This is a timely reminder to site managers to always check...

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Courts wrap up

A summary of new and finalised FWBC court cases: NEW CFMEU official allegedly locks non-union workers out of smoko shed and throws out their lunch·        FWBC has filed proceedings against CFMEU official Scott...

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