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New FWBC cases in court

It’s been a busy few months at FWBC.


Here is a roundup of recent cases that FWBC has filed in the Courts around Australia.


CFMEU & representatives allegedly broke law 822 times after sites shut down for 97 days


·         21 CFMEU officials and agents allegedly shut down two major construction sites in QLD for a combined 97 days as part of a prolonged campaign to force the sites’ head contractors into signing an enterprise agreement.

·         FWBC alleges that CFMEU assistant state secretary Jade Ingham warned an operations manager “this is just the start of it, the sooner you sign the agreement, the sooner it will stop”.

·         Strikes at the two sites allegedly only stopped when the head contractors signed the enterprise agreement, despite a Fair Work Commission order that prevented the CFMEU from organising industrial action at the sites.

·         More information in available in the media release.


FWBC alleges that the CFMEU, the ACT secretary and 7 officials broke the law 18 times


·         CFMEU ACT secretary Dean Hall and seven CFMEU officials allegedly organised a blockade at a site in Canberra for three consecutive days, after the head-contractor raised concerns over a proposed enterprise agreement.

·         Officials allegedly physically blocked access to the site, placing vehicles in front of the gates and standing shoulder to shoulder.

·         Mr Hall allegedly said to the general manager “Do you want a war?” “I will f*ck you over.” “I know a lot of people in this town and you won’t work in this town for long,” in response to the police being called.

·         More information on this case can be found here.



CFMEU official allegedly causes chaos on site after his demands not met


·         CFMEU official Michael Myles allegedly disrupted work on the $60 million Queensland University of Technology project on four occasions, before returning a fifth time to direct workers to down tools after his demands to stand down the site manager were not met.

·         FWBC alleges that he also disrupted two major concrete pours, requested that site management disregard right of entry laws, an extra labourer to be hired and for CFMEU flags to be flown from the site’s cranes.

·         FWBC has also filed proceedings against 40 workers as a result of the alleged strike.

·         More information available here.



CFMEU state secretary claims officials “under pressure from national office” to break the law


·         FWBC has launched four Federal Court cases against the CFMEU and six of its officials for alleged unlawful conduct on four building sites in Adelaide.

·         CFMEU SA state secretary Aaron Cartledge allegedly entered a $120 million project without following right of entry laws as he was “under pressure from the national office not to provide right of entry notices”.

·         When told he was on site unlawfully and the police would be called, CFMEU official Michael McDermott allegedly responded “Are you going to be one of those d**kheads are you? Call them then, they are only going to escort me off if I’m still here” before heading to the lunch rooms where he began discussing union membership with workers.

·         More information can be found here.




CFMEU’s Luke Collier allegedly threatens “more dramas in the long run” if his demands not met


·         FWBC alleges that CFMEU official Luke Collier demanded that a concrete pour be stopped or “there will be more dramas in the long run”.

·         Mr Collier allegedly used safety concerns as a reason to step onto a $45 million residential apartment project in Redfern, NSW.

·         FWBC alleges that Mr Collier refused to follow right of entry laws and said “I don’t need permits, I can do what I want,” when asked to show his entry permit.


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