Industry Update


Message from the Director

Welcome to the latest edition of FWBC’s Industry Update, covering the agency’s actions from 1 September – 31 October 2016.For the second consecutive edition of Industry Update, our usual wrap up of FWBC’s action in the Fair Work Commission...

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Court summary – new matters

Since the last issue of Industry Update, FWBC has commenced proceedings in the following four matters.Summaries of all current and past FWBC-initiated Court proceedings are available on our website.FWBC seeks urgent court injunction to end work disruptions across...

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Court summary – finalised matters

Since the last issue of Industry Update, one matter has been finalised in Court. A summary is below.Summaries of all current and past FWBC-initiated Court proceedings are available on our website.Melbourne company and director penalised for breaching freedom of...

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Summary of recent Right of Entry Permit activity

Right of Entry permits allow union officials to enter building worksites under certain circumstances. Holding a permit is deemed a privilege and it is important that the rules governing the use of Right of Entry permits are followed by relevant personnel.FWBC often...

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FWBC in Parliament

The FWBC annual report for 2015/16 was tabled in Parliament on 13 October 2016. The following week FWBC appeared before the Employment and Education Senate Committee at the Supplementary Budget Estimates hearing on 19 October 2016.FWBC’s annual report was...

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