Industry Update


Message from the Commissioner

Welcome to the July-August 2017 edition of the ABCC’s Industry Update, covering the activities of the Australian Building and Construction Commission during the last two months.From today, contractors seeking Commonwealth funded building work will need to ensure...

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New Building Code 2016 Eligibility Rules and Evidence

What’s changing?From 1 September 2017 contractors will not be able to express interest in, tender for or be awarded directly Commonwealth funded building work if they or their related entities are covered by a non-compliant enterprise agreement unless one of...

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Court summary - finalised matters

There were two more court proceedings finalised during July and August 2017, both involving Queensland matters.  Summaries of the cases are set out below:Federal Court penalises CFMEU & CEPU $430,000 for unlawful Brisbane actionOn 3 August, the Full Federal...

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Court summary - new matters

The ABCC commenced two new court proceedings during August, one in Victoria and the other in Western Australia.  The CFMEU and certain representatives were named as respondents in both matters.Legal action against CFMEU for allegedly threatening to shut down...

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Summary of recent Right of Entry Permit activity

Right of Entry permits allow union officials to enter building worksites under certain circumstances. Holding a permit is a privilege and it is important that rules governing the use of Right of Entry permits are followed by relevant personnel.In appropriate cases...

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