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Summary of recent Right of Entry Permit activity

Right-of-entry permits enable union officials to enter building worksites under certain circumstances.

Holding a permit is a privilege and it is important that the rules governing the use of right-of-entry permits are followed by all industry participants.

FWBC sometimes makes submissions to the Fair Work Commission to refuse, revoke, suspend or amend right-of-entry permits if the agency has concerns regarding whether an individual meets the ‘fit and proper person’ threshold for holding a valid permit.

A summary of permit activity undertaken by FWBC since August 6 is below:

August 11 – Theo Theodorou

The Victorian branch of the CFMEU discontinued its application for a right-of-entry permit on behalf of Mr Theo Theodorou after FWBC filed a submission with the Fair Work Commission on the basis that Mr Theodorou was not a fit and proper person to hold a permit.

August 27 – Fergal Doyle

The Fair Work Commission granted Mr Fergal Doyle (CFMEU Vic) a right-of-entry permit after finding that Mr Doyle has had the benefit of serving as a member of a dispute resolution body. Mr Doyle gave evidence that he was remorseful of his past conduct and now understood the benefit of following established dispute resolution procedures. 

FWBC had previously submitted that Mr Doyle was not a fit and proper person to hold a permit. 

September 30 – Adam Olsen

FWBC filed an application with the Fair Work Commission to suspend or revoke Mr Adam Olsen’s (CFMEU QLD/NT) right-of-entry permit following the imposition of $4,600 in civil penalties on Mr Olsen stemming from contraventions of the Fair Work Act. 

Following FWBC’s application Mr Olsen returned his right-of-entry permit to the Fair Work Commission.

November 5 – Edward Bland

The Fair Work Commission refused an application for a right-of-entry permit for Mr Edward Bland (CFMEU QLD/NT). 

FWBC filed a submission opposing Mr Bland’s application on the basis that Mr Bland is not a fit and proper person to hold a right-of-entry permit based on his past behaviour on building and construction sites. Mr Bland was previously involved in conduct on Queensland construction sites that resulted in significant financial penalties being imposed on the CFMEU. 


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