Industry Update

Message from the Director

Welcome to the January and February edition of FWBC’s Industry Update.

This edition of Industry Update covers the agency’s actions from 19 December 2015 through to 29 February 2016.

As usual, this edition includes a summary of FWBC’s action in the Fair Work Commission and in the courts. You will see that the beginning of 2016 has been particularly busy for the agency with eight new matters filed up until February 29.

The agency relied upon its compulsory examination powers to get a number of these cases before the court. The use of compulsory powers has been topical of late as the debate over the Government’s proposal to reinstate the Australian Building and Construction Commission continues in the Senate.

To help clarify some of the misconceptions about FWBC’s compulsory powers, we have included a fact sheet in this edition of industry update.

In particular you will note that notwithstanding misinformation in the public arena, witnesses are permitted to legal representation. I would strongly encourage you to take note of its contents.

If you have any industry-related ideas you’d be interested in hearing about, please send us your direct feedback via the contact details below.

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