Australian Building and Construction Commission officers will be in northern New South Wales this week talking to contractors involved in the $4.3 billion Pacific Complete project about their security of payment responsibilities.

While visiting the area the officers will also conduct compliance checks of contractors involved in the project to make sure they are doing the right thing by their subcontractors.

The visit is part of the ABCC’s Security of Payment campaign designed to help subcontractors receive their rightful payments in a timely manner. The focus of the visit is to ensure:

  • the ABCC monitored Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 is being complied with by “code covered” contractors;
  • that subcontractors are being paid all amounts due and payable;
  • subcontractors are not being coerced, unduly influenced or pressured in how they exercise their security of payment rights; and
  • code covered contractors are reporting disputed or delayed progress payments to the ABCC.  

In August 2017 the collapse of Ostwald Bros left many subcontractors unpaid with the New South Wales Government having to pick up the tab. 

ABC Commissioner Stephen McBurney said it was important contractors pay their subcontractors on time.

“If there are payment delays or disputes we expect these to be reported to the ABCC and that contractors work with their subcontractors to sort these out quickly and reasonably,” Mr McBurney said. 

“Contractors that breach the Code run the risk of a sanction that excludes them tendering for Commonwealth-funded building work for up to 12 months.”

Mr McBurney said to help subcontractors, the ABCC, where it can, will seek payment for the subcontractor as voluntary rectification of Code breaches.  

The ABCC has produced a range of security of payment resources, including guides and website content to help contractors and subcontractors. These are available at

Subcontractors concerned about their payments are encouraged to contact the ABCC on its 1800 003 338 hotline, or email to:

Media Release
21 August 2018