Australian Building and Construction Commission Deputy Commissioner Cathy Cato and other construction and small business regulators will this month host a free information night in Yamba aimed at assisting northern NSW commercial subcontractors secure their payments.

There are currently about 828 contractors and subcontractors working on the $4.3 billion Pacific Highway Upgrade project whose livelihoods will benefit from the information provided on the night.

The event kicks off a week long compliance campaign from 15-19 October that will see ABCC officers talk to contractors in the area about their security of payment rights and obligations.

The key message of the night is that ‘Subcontractors deserve to be paid on time’ and the topics will include:
• requirements for timely payments
• what to do when pressured not to seek payment
• protections for small businesses
• reporting cartels and anti-competitive conduct
• how you can get help.

Subcontractors will hear vital information from representatives of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, NSW Small Business Commissioner, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and NSW Fair Trading.

ABCC Deputy Commissioner Cathy Cato said the free information night was part of the Agency’s security of payment campaign designed to help subcontractors receive their rightful payments in a timely manner.

“This free session will help support the livelihoods and small businesses of the commercial subcontractors in the area by giving them information on what to do when they are owed money and where to seek help,” Ms Cato said.

“It also serves as a reminder to contractors to pay their subcontractors on time and if there are any disputes or delays to report these to the ABCC and work with their subcontractors to sort these out quickly and reasonably.”

Subcontractors concerned about their payments are encouraged to visit the ABCC website at