The ABCC has commenced Federal Court action in Tasmania alleging the CFMMEU and its official Richard Hassett breached Federal right of entry laws at the Cattle Hill Wind Farm project site in Lake Echo earlier this year.

In its Statement of Claim filed with the Federal Court on 10 April 2019 the ABCC alleges Mr Hassett walked past site representatives and entered the wind farm construction site on 16 January 2019 despite not holding a federal right of entry permit.

While on the site it is alleged Mr Hassett advised the head contractor’s health, safety and environment coordinator that although he had surrendered his federal permit he “had a right to enter under state law.”

The Fair Work Act prohibits union officials from exercising occupational health and safety rights under State or Territory laws unless the official holds a federal entry permit.

If a union official enters a site or premises under a right conferred by a State or Territory OHS law, the official must hold a federal permit and comply with relevant provisions of the Fair Work Act, as well as any applicable requirements in the relevant State or Territory OHS law.

The maximum penalty for a contravention under the Fair Work Act is $63,000 for a body corporate and $12,600 for an individual.

Media Release
29 April 2019