Lisette Pine v Expoconti Pty Ltd

Applicant: ABCC Inspector Pine

Respondent(s): Expoconti Pty Ltd

Date filed: 12 October 2005

Court Findings:

The Federal Court of Australia found that Expoconti Pty Ltd contravened s187AA of the WR Act after industrial action by its workers following an unrelated workplace death at Shepparton in Victoria.

In 2003, the respondent, Expoconti Pty Ltd, a partitioning and plastering subcontractor corporation, made payments of $2582.49 each to 15 employees at the Concept Blue site and $894.38 each to 13 employees at the University of Melbourne Bio21 Project for periods on 5 and 6 August 2003 during which those employees were engaged in industrial action.

Court Outcome:

Justice Kenny  made a  declaration that Expoconti Pty Ltd breached s 187AA for making strike payments to its employees. No penalty was imposed.