Industry issues

Good faith bargaining

Good faith bargaining requirements aim to ensure that all bargaining representatives act in an appropriate and productive manner when working towards making an enterprise agreement.


Insolvency and phoenix activities

Illegal phoenix activity generally involves directors deliberately trying to avoid paying the company's creditors, including employees.


Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety (WHS) is vitally important in the building and construction industry. Every worker has the right to work in a safe environment, and employers should ensure safety is their number one priority on site.


National record keeping, payslip and base ordinary rate of pay audit

Between February and May 2013, a national targeted audit of record keeping, payslips and base ordinary wages was undertaken in the building and construction industry.


Security of Payments Working Group

Each State and Territory has its own Security of Payments legislation which provides legislative protections for contractors to receive payment for building work performed under a contract.  Whilst similar, the State and Territory schemes are different and may operate in slightly different ways. 


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