Building work

The BCIIP Act gives a relatively broad definition of 'building work'. It covers a number of things:

  • Any of the following activities when relating to buildings, structures or works that, permanently or not, form (or are to form) part of the land:
    • construction
    • alteration
    • extension
    • restoration
    • repair
    • demolition
    • dismantling.
  • The same activities listed above, when relating to railways (not including rolling stock) and docks.
  • The installation of fittings in any building, structure or works that form (or are to form) part of land, such as:
    • heating
    • lighting
    • air-conditioning
    • ventilation
    • power supply
    • drainage
    • sanitation
    • water supply
    • fire protection
    • security
    • communications systems.
  • Any operation that is part of any of the work described above, including:
    • site clearance, earth-moving, excavation, tunnelling or boring
    • the laying of foundations
    • the erection, maintenance or dismantling of scaffolding
    • the on-site prefabrication of made to-order components to form part of any building, structure or works
    • site restoration, landscaping or the provision of roadways and other access works.
  • Transporting or supplying goods to be used in any of the work described above directly to building sites.

The Code applies the definition of building work in the BCIIP Act with two exceptions. The following types of building work are not subject to the Code:

  • the off-site prefabrication of made-to-order components to form part of any building, structure or works, unless that work is performed on an auxiliary or holding site that is separate from the primary construction site or sites.
  • the transportation or supply of goods to be used for any of the work mentioned above (in the BCIIP Act definition of 'building work'), directly to building sites (including any resources platform) where that work is being or may be performed.
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19 August 2018
The Federal Court has today imposed total penalties of $78,000 against the CFMMEU and two of its shop stewards for coercing a worker to pay union fees on two separate construction sites in the Melbourne CBD. 
4 April 2019
The ABCC has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against the CFMMEU and six of its officials alleging multiple right of entry contraventions and the disruption of work at the Logan and Gateway motorways extension site in Brisbane.
7 July 2020
The Federal Circuit Court in Sydney has imposed penalties totaling $13,500 against the CFMMEU and its then organiser Luke Collier after he refused to follow OHS procedures while on the $163 million Barangaroo Headland Park site on 5 March 2014.
4 July 2019
The ABCC has this week secured more than $46,000 in penalties and legal costs against West Australian company Big Li Ceiling Pty Ltd and its director Yiting Li.
21 February 2020
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19 August 2018
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5 September 2017
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19 August 2018
The ABCC has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court against the CFMMEU and eight of its officials after they allegedly entered the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing Project unlawfully.
7 November 2018
The ABCC has filed proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court alleging NSW company Open Tiling Services Pty Ltd underpaid an employee more than $230,000 in wages, entitlements and superannuation.
28 September 2020