Building industry participant

Building industry participant means any of the following:

  • a building employer
  • a building employee
  • a building contractor
  • a person who enters into a contract with a building contractor under which the building contractor agrees to carry out building work or to arrange for building work to be carried out
  • a building association
  • an officer, delegate or other representative of a building association.
Legal Case
On 19 July 2016 the Federal Court handed down penalties totalling $60,000 on the respondents. At the same time, the Federal Court handed down its decision to refuse the CFMEU’s interlocutory application to withdraw its admissions in relation to liability under s.793 of the Fair Work Act.
31 August 2018
Legal Case
On 25 September 2019, the Federal Circuit Court in Brisbane penalised Devine Constructions, its general manager and a senior employee $38,000 for refusing to engage a steel fabrication company because it did not have a CFMEU enterprise agreement.
31 August 2018