FWBC inspectors to visit Albany

Inspectors from Fair Work Building & Construction (FWBC) will visit Albany building sites from 12 to 13 June to assess compliance with federal workplace laws.

FWBC Chief Executive Leigh Johns, said Fair Work Building Industry inspectors will meet face-to-face with local construction businesses and employees to provide advice on workplace obligations.

“FWBC has a role to ensure employers are paying their employees the correct wages and entitlements – such as overtime,” said Mr Johns.

“If employees think they are not receiving the entitlements they deserve, they can speak with a Fair Work Building Industry Inspector while they are in the area. Private meetings can be arranged.

“Inspectors will also provide guidance on workplace laws, correct record keeping and dispute resolution procedures.

“It is important that employers and employees in Albany’s construction industry know who to turn to for information and advice and federal workplace law,” Mr Johns said.

Employers who are not already scheduled to meet with FWBC should call 1800 003 338 to arrange a free visit which will help them to ensure their job site is fair and productive.

FWBC began operation on 1 June 2012 as the new regulator of workplace laws in the building and construction industry.

The agency will ensure compliance with federal law by all industry participants by providing education, advice and assistance.

FWBC is committed to supporting a balanced framework for cooperative, productive and harmonious workplace relations in the building and construction industry—to ensure that there is an environment where the industry can attract strong investment, skilled workers and deliver vital national infrastructure.

“We want to help the industry to get on with the job,” Mr Johns said.

Members of the building and construction industry seeking advice on their workplace rights and obligations should call the FWBC Hotline on 1800 003 338 or visit www.fwbc.gov.au

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