FWBC announces results of Concreting and Finishing Trades audit

Fair Work Building & Construction (FWBC) today announced the results of an audit into Australia’s concreting and finishing trades businesses.

FWBC Chief of Field Operations Michael Campbell said the audit looked at employers in every state working in the concreting, painting, plastering, tiling, and gyprocking trades.

“Of the 252 businesses audited, 140 (58 per cent) were compliant with federal workplace laws,” said Mr Campbell.

“105 employers were identified with contraventions ranging from incorrect record keeping, to underpayment of employees, and non-payment of superannuation entitlements. Most errors were minor, and arose from genuine mistakes, or the employer’s misunderstanding of workplace laws.

“All contraventions were voluntarily rectified by the employers following advice and assistance from Inspectors.”

During the audit, Fair Work Building Industry Inspectors recovered approximately $289,700 for 310 workers who had been underpaid including:

  • $142,290 for 189 employees in Victoria;
  • $82,790 for 34 employees in Queensland;
  • $39,950 for 15 employees in South Australia;
  • $10,870 for 56 employees in New South Wales;
  • $8980 for seven employees in the Australian Capital Territory;
  • $3020 for seven employees in the Northern Territory; and
  • $1800 for two employees in Western Australia.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded here.

Employers and employees in the building and construction industry can contact the FWBC Hotline on 1800 003 338, or visit fwbc.gov.au for free advice and assistance on their workplace rights and obligations.