Frequently Asked Questions

What do classifications mean in relation to the Australian Public Service?

APS jobs are classified and paid at different levels according to the complexity, responsibility and skills they involve. The most common classifications used are:

  • APS 1 and 2 – general administrative and service positions, cadetship and traineeships.
  • APS 3 and 4 – general entry level positions, graduate positions and general administrative, technical, project and service positions.
  • APS 5 and 6 – senior administrative, technical, project and service positions, which may have supervisory roles.
  • Executive Level 1 and 2 (EL1 & EL2) – middle management positions.
  • Senior Executive Service (SES) – senior leadership and management positions.

What is Broadbanding?

Broadbanding in the Australian Public Service commonly refers to the action of combining and replacing several classification levels with a single, broader classification level. The ABCC’s broadbanded classification levels encompass the work values and standards of the previous classification levels, from the base of the lowest to the top of the highest. The ABCC combines APS 1-3 within its Broadband 1, APS 4 - 6 within Broadband 2 and EL 1 - EL 2 within Broadband 3. The ABCC combines APS 3-6 within its Government Lawyer Broadband.

What does ‘key selection criteria’ mean?

The ABCC’s candidate information kits include a list of key selection criteria; these relate directly to the job role and show the skills required in order to successfully apply for the position. When submitting your application, you must consider each of the criteria when preparing your application. Use examples that fully demonstrate your attributes, competencies and experiences.

For more information, see Cracking the Code: How to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service and the section ‘How to Apply’ (link to writing your application) on the ABCC website. Link “how to apply” back to main HTA button

Some common examples of selection criteria are:

  • demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively
  • good organisational and administrative skills
  • proven ability to work as part of a team
  • well developed customer service skills
  • proven ability to manage projects.

What will happen once I submit my application?

As soon as you submit your application to recruitment [at] you will receive an email confirming it has been received. Your application will be forwarded to the selection committee who will assess it against the selection criteria for the position and create a shortlist of applicants.

If your application is shortlisted the agency will contact you to arrange an interview.

What should I expect at the interview?

ABCC selection committees usually consist of three members and a scribe. During the interview you will be:

  • given information about the position and the ABCC
  • asked some questions about yourself, your skills, your experiences in relation to the selection criteria and your career
  • provided with an opportunity to ask questions of the committee.

The ABCC policy on candidate assessment is that candidates are assessed holistically based on a judgment by the selection committee using all merit-related information available.

Following the interview the selection committee will decide who is most suitable for the position. They may contact your referees for confirmation of your skills, abilities and experience.

Once their recommendation is approved by the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner, the successful applicant(s) will be offered the job.

How long does the recruitment process typically take?

The ABCC seeks to successfully fill positions as quickly as possible, however, on occasions there are uncontrollable factors that may draw out the recruitment process.

The HR contact officer is available to answer questions about the timeframe for announcing a decision.

What happens if I am successful and recruited by the ABCC?

Successful applicants will be contacted via phone and email to discuss a formal job offer and starting date.

Conditions of employment at the ABCC include:

  • Australian Citizenship
  • health assessments (link to health checks on first page) link back to button - conditions
  • mandatory integrity checks apply, some to protected level

You should also be aware that APS employees must uphold the APS Values.

What happens if I am not successful in the recruitment process?

Unsuccessful candidates will be advised by email once the successful candidate has accepted the position.

Need more information?

For further information, advice or assistance please contact recruitment [at]