First FWBC wages recoveries in Tasmania

It’s a happy New Year for four workers in Tasmania’s construction industry after Fair Work Building & Construction (FWBC) recovered a total of $9548 in unpaid wages for them.

FWBC recently recovered $4468 for a junior trades assistant in Southern Tasmania and a total of $5080 for three apprentice bricklayers in Northern Tasmania.

FWBC Chief Executive Leigh Johns said this was an exciting milestone for FWBC and the Tasmanian construction industry, as these are the first recovery of wages and entitlements in the state since the Agency was established.

“Since we began operations on 1 June 2012, we have recovered $726,293 for 510 workers in the Australian construction industry,” Mr Johns said.

“Our first recoveries in Tasmania, $4468 for a junior trades assistant and $5080 for three apprentice bricklayers, should give local construction workers confidence they can come to FWBC for help if they don’t think they are being paid correctly.

“As well as the underpayment of wages and entitlements, FWBC also investigates, and if necessary prosecutes, offences such as unlawful industrial action, coercion and abuse of the right of entry system.”

Mr Johns said that, in this case, the two employers voluntarily back-paid the workers after Fair Work Building Industry Inspectors raised the underpayments.

“As is often the case, the employers misunderstood how much they were meant to be paying the workers and, after FWBC pointed out the mistake, they voluntarily back-paid the outstanding amounts.

“Any Tasmanian employers who are unsure how much they should be paying their workforce should contact FWBC for assistance, to reduce the risk of having to back-pay thousands of dollars down the track.

“Likewise, any Tasmanian workers who have concerns about how much they are being paid should contact FWBC via our hotline 1800 003 338 or website”

*Note: FWBC is unable to identify the employers or workers.

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