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Can the ABCC tell me whether my agreement is compliant with the Building Code before it is approved by the Fair Work Commission?

Yes. The ABCC offers preliminary advice on whether a proposed enterprise agreement meets the requirements of the the Code. You will need to submit your proposed enterprise agreement to the ABCC for assessment.

I only have a few clauses I want checked, can I submit these without having the entire agreement assessed?

Yes. You can email up to 5 clauses for individual assessment by emailing Individual clauses are assessed much faster than an enterprise agreement, so advice is able to be provided relatively quickly.

Please note: if you have more than 5 clauses, or the clauses you submit are particularly lengthy, we may require you to submit the entire enterprise agreement.

My assessment received Implementation Advice. What is this?

The ABCC will issue you with implementation advice where a particular clause within your enterprise agreement meets the requirements of section 11 of the Code, however may be applied in practice in a way which breaches the Code. That is, the wording of the clause itself is compliant, but, if it is implemented or carried out in a certain way, it may breach the conduct requirements in section 11(4) of the Code.

A clause which receives implementation advice is still compliant for the purposes of obtaining a Letter of Compliance, and does not render a clause or enterprise agreement non-compliant.

Does my Letter of Compliance expire?

No. Your Letter of Compliance will remain valid for the life of your enterprise agreement. However, it will no longer be valid if your agreement is terminated or varied in any way by the Fair Work Commission.

My company name has changed, however the content of my enterprise agreement remains the same. Do I need another Letter of Compliance for the amended enterprise agreement?

The ABCC’s Letter of Compliance applies to an enterprise agreement rather than to a company. Where your company name changes but the enterprise agreement is not varied, it is not necessary to resubmit your agreement for assessment.

If your enterprise agreement still has the same application and coverage, it is not necessary to resubmit your agreement to the ABCC.

If you are unsure whether you will need a new Letter of Compliance, you can email

My agreement was assessed as non-compliant. Can I provide undertakings to the ABCC to enable me to get a Letter of Compliance?

No, the ABCC is unable to accept undertakings.

I received preliminary advice for my enterprise agreement from the ABCC, and it has now been approved by the Fair Work Commission. Do I need to resubmit my agreement to the ABCC to receive a Letter of Compliance?

Yes. If you wish to receive a Letter of Compliance to demonstrate eligibility to tender for Commonwealth funded building work, you will need to resubmit your enterprise agreement, along with the Fair Work Commission decision page/s, via our online submission form.

When completing the submission form you will have the option of providing the details (either the tracking code or EA number) of any previous versions of the agreement you have submitted. This will ensure your agreement is classified as a reassessment, which will speed up the assessment process.

As the employer, I need to get my enterprise agreement approved at the Fair Work Commission. I am told that I need to provide an undertaking to the Fair Work Commission. Can you assess a proposed undertaking so that I know if it will be compliant with the Code?

Yes, if you decide to provide an undertaking to the Fair Work Commission, we are able to assess these just as we would any other clause in an agreement. Any proposed undertaking may be submitted for assessment by emailing

I have had an agreement assessed by the ABCC before, should I include this information on the submission form?

Yes, as this information may assist us in assessing your enterprise agreement faster. When submitting an agreement via sour online submission form, you will have the option of providing the details (such as the tracking code, Fair Work Commission Matter Number, or EA number) of any previous versions of this agreement that we have previously assessed. 

I received advice that my enterprise agreement does not meet the requirements of section 11. How do I make my agreement compliant?

We cannot advise you what to do in this circumstance, as this is a business decision for you to make. If you are unsure how to proceed, you can seek independent legal advice about your options.

Is it possible to have the assessment of my agreement expedited?

Yes, assessments can be expedited in certain circumstances. Where you have a compelling reason for requesting your agreement be expedited, you can email us at with the tracking code or EA number and the reason you are making the request. An example of a compelling reason may be that the closing date for a tender is approaching, and you would not otherwise receive our advice in time.

We ask that you include as much detail as possible in this email about the reason for the request, such as the details of the project for which you are tendering. Alternatively, you can provide this information when completing the online submission form in the ‘Other Information’ box. Once we have received your request we will reply via email, either confirming or denying the request, or seeking more information in order to make a decision.

Do I need to submit my completed Self-Declaration A form to the ABCC?

No. Where you operate under an arrangement other than an enterprise agreement made on or after 25 April 2014 (for example a modern award or common law contract), you will need to complete a Self-Declaration A form to to demonstrate your eligibility to tender for Commonwealth-funded building work.  

The Self-Declaration A form does not need to be submitted to the ABCC. Instead, it should be provided to the Head Contractor or tendering authority on the project you are seeking to tender for.

Before I submit my enterprise agreement, I would like to check whether a particular clause has been assessed as compliant by the ABCC. Are there any example clauses I can look at?

Yes. There is agreement clauses for contractors available on our website. The agreement clauses for contractors provides the wording of example clauses and the advice we have issued for each clause.

If you are looking for a particular clause, you can do a search either on that webpage in the search bar provided, or you can download the material (PDF or Excel) and search the document that way. The link to download the material can be found at the bottom of the page under ‘Download all Agreement Clauses’.

I have lost my Letter of Compliance. Do I need to resubmit my agreement?

No. If you have lost your Letter of Compliance you can email and request for it to be re-sent.

Please include all relevant details of the enterprise agreement the Letter of Compliance was issued for, such as an ABCC ID (EA number) or tracking code, Fair Work Commission Matter Number, or the name of your agreement.

Similarly, if you are unsure whether your agreement has previously been assessed, you can email the above email address with the name of the agreement and Fair Work Commission Matter Number (if the agreement is registered), and we will be able to determine if we have already assessed the agreement.

My agreement has received Preliminary Advice that it is compliant with the Code. Can I use this as evidence to tender for, or be awarded, work on a project until I receive a Letter of Compliance?

No, Preliminary Advice does not constitute evidence of compliance with the Code. As such, it cannot be used to tender for, or be awarded, Commonwealth funded building work in lieu of a Letter of Compliance or relevant Self-Declaration.

Do I need to provide my Letter of Compliance when tendering for Commonwealth funded projects?

Yes.  If your business is covered by an enterprise agreement that was made on or after 24 April 2014 and it covers workers doing building work then you should provide your Letter of Compliance. Your Letter of Compliance will show that your enterprise agreement is Code compliant when tendering for Commonwealth funded projects.

Do I need to provide my Letter of Compliance when tendering for privately funded projects?

No. You do not need to provide a Letter of Compliance when tendering for privately funded projects.

Our business address and contact details have changed since the Letter of Compliance was issued. Do I need to get a new Letter of Compliance?

No. A Letter of Compliance is issued in relation to a particular enterprise agreement as meeting section 11 requirements of the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016. Providing the enterprise agreement has not been varied, the Letter of Compliance remains valid. It is not necessary to reissue a Letter of Compliance to update a business address or contact details.