Court orders Vic CFMEU and officials to pay $115k in FWBC case

The Federal Court of Australia at Melbourne has ordered the CFMEU and five of its representatives to pay penalties totaling $115,000 for an industrial campaign against construction company St Hilliers.

FWBC Acting Director Brian Corney said the parties had previously agreed on a statement of facts and proposed orders which the court today endorsed.

“The CFMEU and five representatives admitted that they used industrial tactics, such as work bans and unlawful strikes, to try and force St Hilliers to reinstate a former employee,” Mr Corney said.

“The former employee had been a CFMEU delegate and workplace health and safety representative, employed by the company in NSW, before being made redundant. St Hilliers re-employed him as a result of the union campaign.

“If issues of conflict arise in the workplace, I urge all building industry participants to consult the dispute resolution procedures in their enterprise agreements, rather than engaging in this sort of conduct, which will not be tolerated on Australian construction sites.”

The unlawful campaign took place across various St Hilliers construction sites in Victoria – the Ararat prison redevelopment and extension, construction and refurbishment works at the Watsonia Military Camp, an apartment and social housing project in Carlton, an apartment project in Ashwood and an apartment and housing complex in Canterbury.

The court-endorsed penalties for each respondent is broken down below:

  • CFMEU $84,000
  • Billy Beattie - $10,500
  • Danny Berardi - $9,500
  • Theo Theodorou - $4500
  • Jason Bell - $3500
  • Brendan Pitt - $3000

For more information on this matter, please see the media backgrounder which was issued when the case was filed.

FWBC is the independent, standalone regulator of workplace laws in Australia’s construction industry.

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