What the ABCC can assist with

The ABCC is the workplace relations regulator for the building and construction industry. This means we can help with issues such as:

  • Employee pay and entitlements
  • The rights of union officials to enter sites
  • Industrial action and picketing
  • The rights of employees to be, or not be, a member of a union
  • The rights of employees and contractors to work free from coercion and adverse action.

We can also assist contractors who opt to tender for Government funded construction work to comply with the Code, including the rights of subcontractors to be paid on time for work they have completed.

In general, we can assist you with any of the above issues if:

  • You are a building employee, employer or contractor, or a representative of a building association like a union or employer association, and 
  • Your work involves commercial, civil or multi-dwelling residential construction.

There is more information about who and what we can assist with in the ‘our jurisdiction’ fact sheet.

What the ABCC cannot assist with

The ABCC cannot assist with:

  • Issues related to safety laws - these laws are the responsibility of state and territory WHS agencies.

  • Issues that are not related to commercial, civil or multi-dwelling residential construction – more information about the types of work we cover can be found in the ‘our jurisdiction’ fact sheet.