Compliance and enforcement

The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is responsible for ensuring that building work is carried out fairly, efficiently and productively in the building and construction industry by monitoring and promoting compliance with the:

  • Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016
  • Fair Work Act 2009
  • Independent Contractors Act 2006
  • Building Code 2016
  • and other Commonwealth industrial instruments, such as awards and enterprise agreements

The ABCC investigates suspected contraventions of these laws and instruments.

How we investigate

The ABCC is required to ensure employers, contractors and unions comply with their legal obligations in the building and construction industry.


How we litigate

If the ABCC suspects a contravention has occurred it may bring the matter before the court and seek penalties against persons alleged to have engaged in unlawful conduct.


Legal proceedings and outcomes of investigations

These pages contain information about ABCC legal proceedings, enforceable undertakings, submissions and interventions.

Need more information?

For further information, advice or assistance please contact the ABCC at 1800 003 338 or