As a funding recipient, what are my responsibilities regarding tenders?

As a funding recipient you may be contractually obligated through your funding agreement with the Commonwealth to ensure that certain aspects of the Code are applied when procuring building work that meets the required financial thresholds.

These include requiring that EOI/tender respondents provide certain information, as well as ensuring that:

  • EOIs/tenders are conducted in a manner consistent with the Code
  • contractors are not subject to an e xclusion sanction
  • a WRMP is provided by contractors to be approved by the ABCC (for certain projects).

How can I ensure that my responsibilities are met?

We’ve developed a set of Model Clauses to help you advertise for and assess EOI/tender and contract documentation for Commonwealth funded building work.

You can access the Funding Recipient Model Clauses here:

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The Model Clauses aren’t mandatory, but they’ve been designed to request all the information that you’ll require to obtain or confirm as a funding recipient when obtaining or confirming during the procurement of indirectly Commonwealth funded building work.

To ensure you meet all requirements set out in the Code and passed on to you by contract, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the Model Clauses.

Should I notify the ABCC about EOI/tenders?

Funding recipients are encouraged to notify the ABCC of all EOIs/tenders subject to the Code. This enables us to work with agencies and contractors to ensure compliance.

To notify us about an EOI or tender, please use the ABCC EOI/Tender Notification Form:

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Notifying us about EOI/tenders helps us assist you with any Code-related requirements.

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