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1196 Paid rostered days off 20.1 For each 8 hour day worked between Monday to Friday, Employees will be paid for 7.6 hours of work, with 0.4 hours accruing towards a 7.6 hour RDO accruing after every 19 days worked.
Accrual of RDOs
20.2 Employees accrue up to 13 RDOs per year.
20.3 Casual and Part-Time Employees accrue RDOs on a pro-rata basis.
20.4 RDOs accrue progressively during an Employee’s Ordinary Hours of work and days when Employees are absent on paid leave, but do not accrue on RDOs.
20.5 For the avoidance of doubt, RDOs do not accrue when Employees are absent on workers’ compensation, except on a pro rata basis for hours actually worked.
Payment for RDOs
20.6 Payment for RDOs will be at Base Rates.
Taking RDOs
20.7 The Employer may direct Employees to take RDOs at times scheduled by the Employer.
20.8 RDOs may also be taken at times agreed between the Employer and an Employee.
20.9 Where an Employee has accrued less than 7.6 hours prior to an RDO scheduled by the Employer, they may either be required to work by the Employer or be provided with the RDO and be paid for such time as has accrued on a pro rata basis.
Banking RDOs
20.10 With the agreement of the Employer, an Employee may elect to work on a scheduled RDO, which will then be ‘banked’, to be taken at times agreed between the Employer and an Employee.
Working on RDOs
20.11 The Employer may require an Employee to work on an RDO that has been previous agreed with the Employee or scheduled by the Employer, where there have been delays on a particular project, emergency work is required or to allow other Employees to be rostered more productively. Where an Employee is required to work on an RDO, they may elect to either:
(a) cash-out and forfeit the RDO; or
(b) ‘bank’ the RDO, to be taken at a later time agreed between the Employer and Employee.
Cashing-out RDOs
20.12 An Employee may elect to cash-out accrued RDOs in lieu of taking it as a day off. For the avoidance of doubt, cashing out RDOs will not affect the payment of overtime loadings, which will continue to be payable after 8 hours of work per weekday, as per clause 21.
Termination of employment
20.13 On termination of employment, Employees must be paid for any unused accrued RDO entitlements.
Interaction with other leave
20.14 Where a scheduled RDO falls within a period when an employee is on paid annual leave or paid personal / carer’s leave, they may elect to cash-out the RDO or otherwise bank it to be taken at times agreed between the Employer and an Employee.
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