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Table of Contents

What is a WRMP?

A Workplace Relations Management Plan (WRMP) is a comprehensive plan that outlines how a tenderer will comply practically with the Code on a particular project. The requirements for a WRMP are contained in Section 32 of the Code.

A WRMP must explain a head contractor’s proposed systems, processes and procedures to:

  • clearly and effectively communicate how the Code requirements apply to all building industry participants on site
  • promote a fair, lawful, efficient and productive workplace
  • deliver the project on time and within budget.

A code covered entity must comply with any WRMP approved by the ABCC that applies to the building work.

When is a WRMP required?

A head contractor is required to have a WRMP on most Commonwealth funded building projects.

When issuing EOI or tender documents, funding entities and funding recipients must ensure that a requirement to have a WRMP approved by the ABCC is included when either:

  • the Commonwealth’s contribution to the project that contains building work is $5 million or more and this represents at least 50% of the total construction project value; or
  • the Commonwealth contributes $10 million or more to a project that contains building work, regardless of what percentage of the total construction project value that represents.

The Code provides that a funding entity must not enter into a contract unless the contractor has an approved WRMP.

Funding recipients are encouraged, as a matter of best practice, to have an approved WRMP prior to awarding a tender to a contractor. Funding recipients may award a tender to a contractor with or without an approved WRMP so long as a WRMP was called for during the tender. 

Do subcontractors need their own WRMP?

Subcontractors do not need to have their own WRMP for Commonwealth funded building project.

If you’re a subcontractor who is performing building work on a project that requires a WRMP you will need to comply with the head contractor’s WRMP on the project.

WRMP Content Requirements

A WRMP must address the matters listed in Schedule 3 of the Code that are contained in the WRMP form.

A WRMP must also include:

  • a Fitness for Work policy to manage alcohol and other drugs in the workplace that covers the matters set out in Schedule 4 of the Code 
  • details of the processes to ensure that security of payment laws and other requirements will be adhered to throughout the life of the project. 


To help ensure that your WRMP meets the requirements of the Code, follow the instruction sheet and complete the WRMP form.

If you’re tendering for Commonwealth funded building work, you should follow the structure outlined in the form.

Download the WRMP instruction sheet: (PDF - 168KB)

Download the WRMP form: (Word 115KB) | (PDF 1.5MB)

Fitness for Work Policies

A WRMP must include a fitness for work policy which addresses each of the items in Schedule 4 of the Code. Head contractors are required to test for drugs and alcohol on Commonwealth funded building work.

For more information, visit our drug and alcohol testing webpage.

The ABCC has also developed guidance for developing fitness for work policies.

How do I submit my WRMP?

If you’re a contractor submitting a tender to a funding entity or funding recipient for Commonwealth funded building work, the request for tender will ask you to submit a WRMP if the project is within the threshold in Schedule 2.

You can’t submit your WRMP directly to the ABCC. This ensures that communication about your WRMP is conducted through the tender process, which maintains the integrity of that process. 
It’s the responsibility of the funding entity or funding recipient to provide your WRMP to us—all you have to do is make sure it’s included in your tender.

WRMP Assessment Process

When reviewing your WRMP, we’ll communicate directly with the funding entity or funding recipient. When we finish our assessment, we’ll provide the funding entity or funding recipient with a detailed assessment record, which will indicate whether it’s been approved. 

If we don’t approve your WRMP, the funding entity or funding recipient may ask you to update it, based on the recommendations we provide. Once you update your WRMP, you should resubmit it to the funding entity or funding recipient (not to us), and the process will be repeated.