When does the Code apply to me?

Whether you’re a head contractor or a subcontractor, the Code applies to you on all new work from the first time you submit an EOI or tender for Commonwealth funded building work. This makes you a ‘code covered entity’, which means that certain requirements in the Code apply to you. You are also a ‘code covered entity’ if you are a related entity to a code covered entity.

It’s important to know which requirements apply, because failing to meet them may have negative consequences, such as being excluded from performing Commonwealth funded building work for up to a year.

Does the Code apply to my privately funded projects?

Yes, but only on new projects after you’ve become subject to the Code. Once you’ve become subject to the Code, you’re required to comply with its requirements on all privately funded projects that you’re awarded thereafter.

This means that any privately funded projects that you’re awarded after you become a code covered entity are subject to the requirements of the Code. However, on privately funded construction sites you’re not required to ensure subcontractor compliance.

Does the Code apply to my related entities?

Yes, your related entities become subject to the Code as soon as you do. This means that any Code sanctions against you may affect your related entities and their ability to perform Commonwealth funded building work.