Work environment

The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is part of the Australian Public Service (APS) and employs people under the Public Service Act 1999 Link opens external website in new tab. As APS employees, staff are employed by the ABCC on behalf of the Australian Government.  All APS employees must uphold the APS Values Link opens external website in new tab and abide by the APS Code of Conduct Link opens external website in new tab.

The ABCC offers a work environment characterised by high motivation, professionalism and diversity; with excellent rewards, learning opportunities and career prospects, and a family-friendly culture committed to work-life balance.  At the ABCC you have the opportunity to make a difference in the Australian community.

Entitlements and conditions

Many employee entitlements and conditions are identical across all government agencies. However, other conditions such as pay levels are decided at the agency level and are contained in the Enterprise Agreement for all non-Senior Executive Service staff.

The ABCC offers a productive and supportive workplace that is rewarding, enjoyable and safe for all staff. The ABCC’s commitment to creating a positive workplace culture is demonstrated by its policies regarding flexible working arrangements, diversity in the workplace, paid maternity and paternity leave, learning and development opportunities and competitive salary packages.  

Read more about Employee Benefits.

Inter-agency transfer opportunities

The ABCC creates opportunities for staff to transfer to other public service agencies in-line with the Australian Public Service's ‘One APS Career.  Thousands of Opportunities.’  Entitlements, such as: accrued annual leave, personal/carer’s leave and length of service, typically follow you when you transfer between public service agencies.

Similarly, where an employee joins the ABCC from an employer staffed under: the Public Service Act 1999, the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 or from the ACT Government Service, accrued annual leave and personal/carer’s leave will be transferred provided there is no break in continuity of service.

Positions available at the abcc

See our currently advertised positions or contact us on the ABCC Hotline on 1800 003 338.

Need more information?

For further information, advice or assistance please contact the ABCC at 1800 003 338 or enquiry [at]