Our jurisdiction

The ABCC monitors compliance with, and enforces the workplace relations laws that apply to, the building and construction industry.

Our jurisdiction covers those who are, by statutory definition, a ‘building industry participant’: someone who is involved with ‘building work’.

'Building industry participant' and 'building work' are terms defined by the BCIIP Act.

Who is a ‘building industry participant’?

The BCIIP Act defines a ‘building industry participant’ to be any of the following:

  • A ‘building employee’.
  • A ‘building employer’.
  • A ‘building contractor’.
  • A person who enters into a contract with a building contractor where building work is carried out or arranged.
  • A ‘building association’ (such as a union or employer association).
  • An officer, delegate, or other representative of a building association.

A number of these terms are, in turn, specifically defined by the BCIIP Act.

To learn more, please review the BCIIP Act.

What is a ‘building work’?

The BCIIP Act definition of ‘building work’ is relatively broad and includes a wide range of activities.

For a comprehensive account of the definition of building work, refer to our What is 'building work' under the Code? factsheet.

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