The ABCC conducts many proactive education and compliance activities to ensure employers, employees and other building industry participants are meeting their obligations under Australia’s workplace laws. 

Site inspections

Site inspections can occur at any time without notice and establish the level of compliance on a site within a particular scope. Site inspections may include an ABC Inspector requiring specific documentation for review, conducting a site walk or interviewing relevant people on site.


Audits are in-depth activities to help the ABCC assess a contractor’s compliance. You will be notified if we are conducting a formal audit. You may be required to produce documentation and the ABCC may interview relevant people and conduct site walks to assess compliance. As part of the audit process ABC Inspectors may contact subcontractors to discuss on-site practices and any other issues relevant to the audit.

Inspectors may also review rectification of issues from previous audits and compliance activities.

Labour Hire Audit 2019/2020

The ABCC audited 63 labour hire employers across Australia and found that 79 per cent were non-compliant with Australian workplace laws. Read the report (PDF - 765KB).

What you can do to prepare

You can prepare for ABCC compliance campaigns by:

  • Checking your obligations
  • Checking your records
  • Checking with the ABCC

If you identify non-compliance you can take steps to rectify any problems prior to our inspection or audit. You may also need to notify the ABCC.

How the ABCC can help

For more information see how we perform site inspections and audits

If you have questions or are seeking advice please visit our contact page.