From 1 July 2021, refreshed reporting requirements for regulator performance came into effect, as part of the Australian Government’s Deregulation Agenda. The Regulator Performance Guide which replaces the 2014 Regulator Performance Framework outlines best practice principles that underpin the Government's expectations of regulator performance. Under the new guide, a standalone regulator performance report is no longer required.

As a result, from 2021-22, the ABCC’s Corporate Plan will set out the agency’s commitment to being a best practice regulator with reference to three principles outlined in the Regulator Performance Guide:

  • continuous improvement and building trust
  • risk-based and data-driven
  • collaboration and engagement.

This includes outcomes-based measures which will be reported on in the Annual Report alongside the established KPIs.

Ministerial Statements of Expectation

Ministerial Statements of Expectations are issued by the responsible Minister to a regulator to provide greater clarity about government policies and objectives relevant to the regulator in line with its statutory objectives, and the priorities the Minister expects it to observe in conducting its operations.

More information on Ministerial Statements of Expectation can be found on the Government’s Deregulation Agenda webpage

The 2021 Ministerial Statement of Expectation and Statement of Intent for the ABCC can be found here.

ABCC Regulator Performance Self-Assessment reports

Self-Assessment Reports produced by the ABCC and externally validated by the NWRCC under the previous Framework can be found here: