"At least insofar as the CFMEU is concerned, it and those who control it, seemingly consider that, when the circumstances suit the ends of that organisation, threats, coercion and unlawful action are the preferable alternative to compliance with the industrial laws of this country."

- Judge Jarrett, 8 April 2016


17% increase in enquiries received by FWBC (3,035 to 3,564).

53% increase in presentations about industry participants' rights and responsibilities (122 to 187).

66% increase in attendees at industry participants' rights and responsibilities presentations (1,793 to 2,984).

30% increase in total penalties awarded ($1.39 million to $1.8 million).

21% increase in occasions where Compliance powers were used (14 to 17).

In October 2015 the Minister for Employment introduced new drug and alcohol requirements to the Building Code.

34 legal proceedings were commenced - the 2nd highest number of legal proceedings commenced in the history of FWBC and its predecessor agencies.

97% of enquiries to the 1800 hotline answered within 60 seconds.

This is the fifth year in the history of FWBC and its predecessor agencies that penalties awarded in the reporting year have exceeded $1 million.

Nearly $8 million in penalties handed down against the CFMEU in cases brought by FWBC and its predecessor agencies over the years.

95% ($1.7 million) of the financial year's total penalties handed down were against the CFMEU and its representatives.

FWBC made 24 applications or submissions relating to federal right of entry permits.

FWBC assumed responsibility for assessing enterprise agreements for compliance with the Building Code 2013 from the Department of Employment in May 2016.

82% of examinations were management personnel.