Certification (PDF 193KB)

Primary financial statement (XLSX 56KB)
Statement of Comprehensive Income
Statement of Financial Position
Statement of Changes in Equity
Cash Flow Statement
Administered Schedule of Comprehensive Income
Administered Schedule of Assets and Liabilities
Administered Reconciliation Schedule
Administered Cash Flow Statement

Notes to the financial statements

Overview (XLSX 158KB)

1. Financial performance (XLSX 28KB)
1.1 Expenses
1.2 Own-Source Revenue and Gains

2. Income and expenses administered on behalf of Government (XLSX 16KB)
2.1 Administered – Expenses
2.2 Administered – Income

3. Financial position (XLSX 37KB)
3.1 Financial Assets
3.2 Non-Financial Assets
3.3 Payables

4. Assets and liabilities administered on behalf of government (XLSX 19KB)
4.1 Administered – Financial Assets

5. Funding (XLSX 166KB)
5.1 Appropriations
5.2 Net Cash Appropriation Arrangements
5.3 Cash Flow Reconciliation

6. People and relationships (XLSX 154KB)
6.1 Employee Provisions
6.2 Senior Management Personnel Remuneration

7. Managing uncertainties (XLSX 236KB)
7.1 Contingent Assets and Liabilities
7.2 Financial Instruments
7.3 Administered – Financial Instruments
7.4 Fair Value Measurement

8. Other information (XLSX 143KB)
8.1 Reporting of Outcomes