Note 21A: Categories of Financial Instruments

Please note: These amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar, as required by the Resource Management Guide No. 125 “Commonwealth Entities Financial Statements Guide”

Note 21A: Categories of Financial Instruments
Financial Assets 2015
Receivables 752,020 497,113
Other financial assets 113,566 10,000
Total financial assets 865,586 507,113

The FWBII has no net income or expenses from financial instruments.

Note 21B: Fair Value of Financial Instruments

The carrying amount of all financial assets and liabilities as at 30 June 2015 approximates their fair value.

Note 21C: Other Financial Instrument Risks

The administered activities of the FWBII were not exposed to a high level of credit, liquidity or market risk as the majority of financial assets were penalties imposed by courts.