Executive Commitment

FWBC places a high priority on Work Health and Safety (WHS). FWBC recognises the importance of developing and maintaining safe working conditions and practices, and the importance of keeping WHS policies and standards in our workplace under review.

All employees are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. This is achieved through the cooperation of staff, FWBC Health and Safety Representatives and the HSC.

Health and Safety Management Arrangements

FWBC is in the process of finalising a new WHS Policy 2015 that replaces the Health and Safety Arrangements 2012 to 2015. This policy will manage, promote and develop measures to ensure the health, safety and welfare of staff at FWBC.

Health and Safety Arrangements (HSAs) have been developed in consultation with workers to establish arrangements for a number of WHS matters including:

  • clarifying responsibilities of all those involved in WHS;
  • monitoring of WHS risks, hazards and incidents;
  • detailing WHS consultation arrangements;
  • establishing WHS committee/s; and
  • identifying Health and Safety Representatives.

The purpose of the HSA is to facilitate the continuous improvement of WHS management systems and reduce the risk of workplace injury and illness.


FWBC supports a number of initiatives aimed at improving and maintaining the overall health of the FWBC workforce. These include:

  • offering free flu vaccinations to all staff;
  • undertaking six-monthly WHS inspections in every FWBC office;
  • providing employees with a reported health concern with a work station assessment conducted by a qualified occupational therapist;
  • posting regular information on the intranet to promote health and safety in the workplace including the Employee Assistance Program (EAP);
  • targeting WHS training for staff with specific safety responsibilities; and
  • hosting a guest speaker from BeyondBlue to inform all staff about depression and anxiety to increase awareness in the workplace.

Comcare Premiums

FWBC’s Comcare average workers compensation premium rate has increased from 2.38% in 2013 to 14 to 2.52% in 2014 to 15. This increase is due to an increase in compensation claims and higher claim costs. FWBC is actively managing current compensation claims and implementing early intervention strategies to assist with lowering premiums and claim costs in the future.

Table 3.15 Comcare premium rates
2010 to 11 2011 to 12 2012 to 13 2013 to 14 2014 to 15
1.20% 1.73% 2.34% 2.38% 2.52%

Incident Reporting

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act), FWBC is required to report any notifiable incidents which arise out of FWBC’s undertaking. There were no notifiable incidents reported to Comcare during the 2014 to 15 year.

Investigations Conducted During the Year

Under Part 10 of the WHS Act FWBC is required to report details of any investigations that have taken place including details of all notices given to the entity during the year.

During the reporting period no health and safety investigations were conducted by Comcare and no notices were issued to the agency.