Media activity

FWBC understands the role the media plays in informing industry participants of FWBC’s activities, explaining key outcomes and improving understanding of Australian workplace laws.

FWBC issues media releases (and if required, media backgrounders) detailing the allegations contained in the statement of claim for new legal proceedings as well as a media statement commenting on litigated matters finalised. FWBC also provides media statements and alerts on current and relevant issues as they occur in the building and construction industry and provides information on new FWBC initiatives. All FWBC media releases and backgrounders are available on the agency’s website in the ‘News and Media’ section.

FWBC also distributes an e-newsletter called ‘Industry Update’. Industry Update is a free service available to anyone who signs up via FWBC’s website. Email participants are kept up to date with FWBC’s latest activities, and are provided with information about industry trends and issues including workplace disputes, industrial action, and agency activities such as audits.

In this financial year, FWBC issued 40 media releases, 17 media backgrounders and sent out seven Industry Update newsletters.

Table 2.8 Media Activity
Activity 2013 - 14 2014 - 15
Media releases issued 30 40
Media backgrounders issued 12 17
Industry Update newsletters issued 8 7