Fair Work Building and Construction’s (FWBC) corporate governance framework is comprised of the agency’s enabling legislation, the Fair Work (Building Industry) Act 2012 (FWBI Act), other relevant legislative instruments, policies, strategies and managerial procedures and practices.

FWBC’s corporate governance framework determines how the agency exercises its authority and the way in which it will deliver outcomes, initiatives and programs. The framework promotes and upholds the Australian Public Service (APS) Values and Code of Conduct.

FWBC has in place a number of corporate governance practices to ensure clear lines of accountability and well-defined, effective management of the agency’s performance. These practices are overseen and supported by the following boards and committees.

Advisory Board

The FWBC Advisory Board is established by section 23 of the FWBI Act. Its role is to provide recommendations to the FWBC Director regarding:

  • policies to guide the performance of the Director’s functions and the exercise of the Director’s powers;
  • the priorities of, and the programs to be implemented by, the Director; and
  • any matter that the Minister requests the Advisory Board to consider.

During the 2014 to 15 reporting period, the Advisory Board met on two occasions.

Table 3.1 outlines the Advisory Board Members.

Executive Board

The FWBC Executive Board is the peak decision making body of FWBC. It is comprised of the FWBC Director, and all SES officers. Executive Level 2 officers are also invited to attend on a rotational basis. Meetings are held monthly and the outcomes are made available to staff through the intranet.

Audit Committee

The FWBC Audit Committee provides independent assurance and assistance to the Director and the Executive Board on the agency’s financial and performance reporting responsibilities, risk oversight and management, and systems of internal control.

The Audit Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • risk management
  • control frameworks
  • external accountability
  • legislative compliance
  • internal audit
  • external audit

The Committee is also responsible for the oversight of the annual financial statements’ preparation, including facilitating resolution of any identified issues in a timely manner.

Table 3.2 outlines the membership of the Committee. Representatives from the Australian National Audit Office, as well as FWBC’s Director and Chief Financial Officer are invited to attend each audit committee meeting as observers. Other FWBC officers may also be invited to attend Audit Committee meetings as required.

Table 3.1 Advisory board members as at 30 June 2015
Chair (Acting) Steve Kibble (Department of Employment)
Employer representative Jim Barrett (Formerly of Australian Industry Group)
Employee representative Tim Lyons (Formerly of Australian Council of Trade Unions)
Representatives Peter Henneken (Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission)
Judith Bornstein (Industrial lawyer)
Natalie James (Fair Work Ombudsman)
Nigel Hadgkiss (FWBC)
Secretariat Jaz Bradley
Table 3.2 Audit Committee Members as at 30 June 2015
Chair Jon Isaacs (External)
Members Lyn Baker (External)
Ben Vallence (Internal)
Secretariat Kathryn Scully

Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee (HSC) advises the Director and the Executive Board on policy matters concerning the Work Health and Safety (WHS) of agency workers. It also proactively reviews and reports on the implementation of relevant WHS legislation, policies and practices.

The HSC consists of four management representatives, including the position of Chair, who is appointed by the Director, and four employee representatives elected by staff following a request for expressions of interest. In 2014 to 15, the HSC met on four occasions. Major achievements for the year included:

  • implementation of Domestic and Family Violence Support Policy that supports employees who may be experiencing the effects of domestic or family violence;
  • bullying and harassment training for all staff with positive feedback in relation to working better as a team; and
  • mental health awareness training for all staff with positive feedback in relation to getting everyone talking about the issue and becoming more mindful of their colleagues and their personal situations.
Table 3.3 Health and safety committee members as at 30 June 2015
Chair Tim Honey
Management representatives Graeme Hogan
Murray Gregor
Elizabeth Hayes
Employee representatives Amaan Faiz
Sam Borazio
Seamus Flynn
Michael Tahan
Secretariat Stephanie Ellis