In September 2014, the Executive Board endorsed the FWBC Business Plan 2014 to 16 (the Business Plan). The Business Plan replaced the individual group business plans that had been operating in previous years.

The Business Plan is structured around FWBC’s goals and sets out the key activities, targets, timeframes and individuals responsible.

The FWBC Corporate Plan 2015 to 16 (the Corporate Plan) was published on the FWBC website on 31 August 2015. The Corporate Plan was prepared in accordance with section 35(1) (b) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act). It expands on the information in FWBC Budget Statements 2015 to 16 and covers the financial years 2015 to 16 to 2018 to 19.

In line with the requirements under the PGPA Act, the Corporate Plan will be the principle planning document of FWBC. FWBC will report against the Corporate Plan in the Annual Performance Statement due to be published in the 2015 to 16 Annual Report.

Service Charter

FWBC is held accountable through Parliament, the courts, tribunals and the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

The FWBC Service Charter sets out the standards of service to which the organisation is committed. The Service Charter expresses the values that guide FWBC service. It explains FWBC’s role, the standard of service the public can expect and what steps may be taken if these standards are not met.

The Service Charter outlines the procedure for contact, communication, feedback and complaint. The FWBC Service Charter is available on the FWBC website.

Key Performance Indicators

FWBC measures its performance in delivering the outcome prescribed in the Portfolio Budget Statement using three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Table 1.1 shows agency performance against KPI targets.

Table 1.1 Performance Information for Outcome 1:
Outcome Key Performance Indicators Target 2014 - 15 Result 2014 - 15
Enforce workplace relations laws in the building and construction industry and ensure compliance with those laws by all participants in the building and construction industry through the provision of education, assistance and advice. Level of satisfaction of clients with quality and timeliness of advice and assistance provided by FWBC. 75% of surveyed clients satisfied or highly satisfied. 78%
Timeliness in bringing actions against contraventions of the Fair Work Act 2009, the Independent Contractors Act 2006, the Fair Work (Building Industry) Act 2012, agreements, awards and orders. File 75% of matters in court within 18 months of the complaint being lodged. 94%
Level of satisfaction of a range of industry participants with contact aimed at promoting appropriate standards of conduct. 75% of surveyed industry participants satisfied or highly satisfied. 99%