Right of entry permits are granted under the FW Act by the FWC where an applicant is able to satisfy the FWC that they meet the range of statutory requirements to be granted a permit. A permit is an important instrument because it allows entry and other freedoms in workplaces that are not available to other citizens. With these benefits comes the responsibility that permit holders conduct themselves appropriately in the workplace and conscientiously meet all the relevant FW Act requirements.

It is against this background that FWBC has maintained a focus on rigorously reviewing permit applications and making vigorous submissions to the FWC. FWBC scrutinises all permit applications to ensure full disclosure as required under the FW Act. Where the agency believes this has not occurred, or an alternative viewpoint needs to be made on whether a permit should be issued, a submission will be made.

FWBC aims to ensure the FWC is aware of all relevant facts and any submissions on relevant law is made to ensure that permit holders are properly entitled to have or retain a right of entry permit. Contested matters raised by FWBC are now routinely considered by a Presidential Member of the FWC, rather than the previous approach of delegated administrative decision-making.