FWBC is committed to building:

  • a work environment that attracts and retains employees, has a positive culture and supports delivery of service;

  • people who are committed to FWBC’s strategic direction, work well in their team, and are engaged in building their capability and skills; and

  • leaders who model FWBC’s culture, are respected, and guide employees in delivery of the agency’s objectives.

Employees can also address individual development needs through:

  • on-the-job experiences to develop specific skills and capabilities;

  • coaching provided through team leaders and more experienced team members;

  • attendance at internal and external courses, programs or events; and

  • temporary secondments to other agencies.

FWBC also sponsors staff to attain relevant qualifications through accredited courses such as the Certificate IV in Government (Investigations) and the Public Sector Management Program. In the 2013-14 financial year, six staff participated in the Certificate IV in Government (Investigations) and three staff participated in the Public Sector Management Program. Financial and workplace support is also available for individual employees who undertake approved university study through the FWBC’s Study Assistance Scheme.

In addition to a broad range of existing training courses, in 2013-14 FWBC made significant investments in ongoing skills development for our investigators, including providing education on the agency’s legislative framework and how it applies to FWBC’s work.