FWBC executes its role of monitoring, promoting and enforcing appropriate standards of conduct in the building and construction industry through a four-group structure. Each group handles specific aspects of the agency’s role, enabling FWBC to ensure that there is a balanced framework for cooperative, productive and harmonious workplace relations in the building and construction industry

The following is a summary of each FWBC group function.

Office of the Director

The Office of the Director comprises a variety of functions that report to the agency Director. These functions include administrative and executive support, media and parliamentary, Building Code and a professional standards function.


FWBC’s Operations Group is headed by Group Manager, Heather Hausler and supported by two Executive Directors, Murray Gregor (Eastern) and Jeff Radisich (Central/West).

The Operations Group is the frontline of the agency. The investigators promote the rule of law on building and construction sites by providing assistance and advice to industry participants regarding their rights and responsibilities under the FW Act, and the Building Code. The Operations Group is also tasked with investigating suspected contraventions of relevant workplace laws.


FWBC’s Legal Group is headed by Chief Counsel Brian Corney, and supported by two Executive Directors, Tim Honey (Eastern) and Cliff Pettit (Central/West).

The Legal Group is primarily responsible for the assessment and litigation of breaches of building and construction industry workplace laws. The Legal Group also briefs external counsel to seek advice on prospects of success for potential civil penalty litigation and manages the conduct of agency proceedings and interventions. It provides internal services to the agency in the form of legal advice to the Director, the Executive Board and the Operations Group.

Capability, Performance & Innovation

The Capability, Performance & Innovation (CPI) Group is headed by Executive Director, Glyn Cryer and supports the regulatory and enforcement functions of the agency through human resources (HR), information technology (IT), data and reporting services.

HR functions include recruitment and induction of FWBC staff; sourcing and rollout of learning and development activity; performance management; and oversight of outsourced payroll and case management services.

The CPI Group has an IT function that sources and maintains the agency’s technology assets and software, supported by a Memorandum of Understanding with the Shared Services Centre of the Departments of Employment and Education.

The CPI Group includes a Planning & Performance function that maintains and develops FWBC’s case management system, AIMS, which in turn records the agency’s investigative activity and produces reports on cases and agency performance for the Director and executive team.

The FWBC Director and Executive

FWBC Director and Executive (L-R) Murray Gregor, Glyn Cryer, Brian Corney, Nigel Hadgkiss, Heather Hausler, Jeff Radisich and Tim Honey. Please note: Cliff Pettit is absent from this photo.