The Director may seek to have a person:

  • attend before the Director to answer questions,

  • provide information to the Director, or

  • produce documents to the Director.

The powers can be used where the Director believes on reasonable grounds that a person:

  • has information or documents relevant to an investigation, or

  • is capable of giving evidence relevant to the investigation.

The powers can be exercised by applying to a Presidential Member of the Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Under s 54A(3) of the FWBI Act, the Commonwealth Ombudsman is required to review the exercise of examination powers by the Director and any person assisting the Director.

Section 54A(6) requires the Commonwealth Ombudsman to report to Parliament after the end of each financial year about the examinations conducted by the Director and the results of reviews carried out by the Commonwealth Ombudsman during the previous financial year.