In February 2013, FWBC launched the Know Your Worth campaign which targets apprentices and pre-apprentices in the building and construction industry.

Purposes of the website and redevelopment

The aim of the Know Your Worth (KYW) campaign is to create a positive and productive workplace relations culture by empowering apprentices and pre-apprentices with knowledge about their workplace rights and entitlements.

Thorough research was undertaken to inform the rationale and aims of KYW. This involved a review of benchmark campaigns that targeted young people on issues such as mental health, relationships and schooling and an analysis of research reports from other government organisations and media reports.

The campaign was launched during O-week 2013 at the Canberra Institute of TAFE. This was followed by nation-wide TAFE and university events staffed by FWBC field officers.

The key element of the campaign is a microsite – – which is a guide for all Australian apprentices in the building and construction industry. It educates and engages apprentices by delivering the facts in a simple and compelling way. Information on the microsite includes rights and responsibilities, wages and entitlements, career profiles, social issues links and how to budget on an apprentice wage.

A number of supporting materials were also created to encourage apprentices to visit the website. These include a postcard, suite of five posters, water bottles, tape measures and pens.

Other forms of promotion undertaken include public transport advertising on train networks throughout Sydney and Melbourne and social media advertising on Facebook.

Following the launch, FWBC Inspectors have been delivering KYW presentations in-class at TAFE’s, universities, workplaces and Registered Training Organisations. Since its launch there have been 57 KYW presentations to stakeholders.