Media activity

FWBC is aware of the role the media plays in informing industry participants of FWBC’s activities, explaining key outcomes and improving understanding of Australian workplace laws.

For each new legal proceeding commenced, FWBC releases a media backgrounder. This provides details of the allegations contained in the statement of claim. When a litigated matter is finalised, FWBC releases comments in a media statement. FWBC also provides media statements and alerts on current and relevant issues as they occur in the building and construction industry and provides information on new FWBC initiatives.

FWBC distributes a monthly e-newsletter called the Industry Update. The Industry Update is one of the most effective ways FWBC has of reaching building and construction industry participants. Email subscribers are provided with information about industry issues such as workplace disputes, industrial action, case studies of companies that the agency has assisted or advised and updates on activities, audits and campaigns.

As at 30 June 2013, FWBC issued 56 media statements, released six media backgrounders, sent out eight Industry Update newsletters and responded to 57 media requests.


Media activity

1 July 2012 to
30 June 2013

Media statements issued


Media backgrounders issued


Industry Update newsletters issued


Responses to media requests




The FWBC website provides building industry participants with access to educational materials and allows interested members of the community to monitor its activities.

In 2012-13, the FWBC website had 51,165 unique visitors and an average of 6,611 visitors per month.

Online resource for subcontractors

During the reporting period, FWBC began development of an online resource for subcontractors to assist in their understanding of workplace relations laws. The development of the online resource is FWBC’s first attempt at providing high volume, self-assessed workplace relations education to building industry participants.

FWBC conducted consultations on the functions of the online resource with industry representatives and appointed a development company following a tender process. The online resource is due to be launched in late 2013.