Prior to 1 February 2013, businesses tendering for building work that was funded either directly or indirectly by the Australian Government were required to comply with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry.

On 1 February 2013, the National Code was replaced by the Building Code.

The Building Code sets out the Australian Government’s expected standards for building contractors or building industry participants involved in Commonwealth funded construction projects.

The Building Code applies to building contractors and building industry participants who have submitted an expression of interest or tendered for Commonwealth funded building work.

Once a building contractor becomes subject to the Building Code, they are required to comply with it at all times when undertaking building work, regardless of whether the project they are working on has received Australian Government funding.

FWBC has responsibility for monitoring building contractor and building industry participant compliance with the Building Code. Since the implementation of the Building Code, FWBC has been consulting with building industry participants and their representatives regarding this role. In addition, FWBC continues to provide advice and information to building industry participants regarding the Building Code, including through site visits, providing both online and hardcopy materials and responding to Building Code related enquiries to the FWBC Helpline.