• AIRC
    Australian Industrial Relations Commission
  • APS
    Australian Public Service
  • APSC
    Australian Public Service Commission
  • ASIC
    Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • ATO
    Australian Taxation Office
  • AWA
    Australian Workplace Agreement
  • BCII Act
    Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act 2005
  • CA
    Collective Agreement
  • CMG
    Code Monitoring Group
  • CPG
    Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines
  • CSS
    Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme
  • DCB
    Department Capital Budget
    Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
  • DIAC
    Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • EA
    Enterprise Agreement
  • EAP
    Employee Assistance Program
    Ethics Contact Officer Network
  • FBT
    Fringe Tax Benefits
  • FMO
    Finance Minister Orders
  • FOI
    freedom of information
  • FW Act
    Fair Work Act 2009
  • FWC
    Fair Work Commission
  • FWBC
    Fair Work Building & Construction
  • FWBI Act
    Fair Work (Building Industry) Act 2012
  • FWO
    Fair Work Ombudsman
  • GST
    Goods and Services Tax
  • HR
    Human Resources
  • HSC
    Health and Safety Committee
  • HSMA
    Health and Safety Management Arrangement
  • IC Act
    Independent Contractors Act 2006
  • IP
    Intellectual Property
  • IT
    Information Technology
  • KBR
    Key Business Result
  • KPI
    Key Performance index
  • MOU
    Memorandum of Understanding
  • OHS
    Occupational Health and Safety
  • OPA
    Official Public Account
  • PBS
    Portfolio Budget Statements
  • POH
    Public Office Holder
  • PSSap
    Public Sector Superannuation Scheme accumulation plan
  • PSS
    Public Sector Superannuation Scheme
  • RAP
    Reconciliation Action Plan
  • ROE
    right of entry
  • SES
    Senior Executive Service
  • WHS
    Work Health and Safety
  • WHS Act
    Work Health and Safety Act 2011