Workforce planning complements and supports the vision of the agency and the Statement of Strategic Intent (SoSI). While the FWBC SoSI maps out the strategic direction of the agency, the FWBC workforce plan details the specific actions required to ensure the organisation has the resources to achieve the goals and objectives.

By identifying current workforce capabilities and considering the future needs of the agency and developing systematic plans to address these needs, the agency positions itself to better deliver its objectives, and reduce the risks associated with reactive workforce decisions.

Recruitment and Retention

FWBC is committed to employment decisions based on merit, competitive selection processes, fairness and transparency.

In the reporting period, FWBC undertook one external recruitment exercise. All FWBC positions are advertised in APS Jobs and selected online media as this provides the most cost effective way to reach and engage with our target audience.

FWBC closely monitors its recruitment targets to ensure candidates are informed as quickly as possible of the outcome of recruitment exercises. FWBC utilises a range of strategies to retain staff including opportunities for advancement through broadbanding, flexible working arrangements, access to purchased leave provisions, salary packaging, reward and recognition initiatives and learning and development opportunities.


Broadbanding combines two or more non-SES APS classifications into a single, broader group of duties within an agency. The decision to advance an employee to a higher classification within a broadband is based on an assessment of work-related qualities and performance. FWBC encourages progression within the broadbanding scheme. It not only makes a progression to a higher level more efficient, but acts as an attraction and retention strategy to improve career advancement for staff in the agency.

During the reporting period two employees gained a substantive progression through the broadband process.

Flexible Working Arrangements

The agency’s flexible working arrangements aim to provide a balance between the employees work and personal lives and opportunities for improved productivity. The following types of working arrangements offer flexibility to employees and opportunities for improved productivity:

  • flex time and compressed working patterns
  • part-time work
  • job sharing
  • working from home
  • use of generous leave provisions including Christmas Closedown and access to purchase additional annual leave
  • Individual Flexibility Arrangements.

Salary Packaging

FWBC provides a range of items that can be salary packaged through the agency selected provider including superannuation and car leases.