The ABCC had a total income of $33.544 million for 2016–17, which included appropriation funding of $33.039 million, and incurred total expenses of $36.987 million. As a result, the ABCC recorded an operating loss of $3.443 million in 2016–17.

The approved operating loss for the financial year was caused by a legal expenditure overspend of $3.630 million.

The ABCC has maintained a high volume of litigation, with matters before the courts carrying over from previous financial years. Many of these proceedings have resulted in contested trials. The agency has also been a party in a number of appeals, including three applications for special leave to the High Court. Further, the ABCC cannot ordinarily recover its costs in proceedings commenced under the Fair Work Act.

A detailed review of the agency's legal expenditure has commenced and is intended to reduce external expenditure on litigation.

Table 23 summarises the total resources in comparison to the total payments made during the year.

Table 24 summarises expenses and resources required for the ABCC to achieve its outcome.


#Table 23: Agency resource statement 2016–17
  Actual available appropriation for 2016–17

Payments made 2016–17

Balance remaining 2016–17
Ordinary annual services*      
Departmental appropriation** ~ 99,525 38,386 61,139
Total Ordinary Annual Services 99,525 38,386 61,139
Other Services      
Departmental Non-Operating      
Equity injections 150 150
Total Other Services 150 150
Total Available Annual Appropriations 99,675 38,536 61,139
Total Net Resourcing for the Australian Building and Construction Commission 99,675 38,536 61,139

* Appropriation Act (No. 1) 2016–17. This may also include prior-year departmental appropriation and section 74 retained revenue receipts.

** Includes an amount of $0.448m in 2016–17 for the departmental capital budget. For accounting purposes, this amount has been designated as 'contributions by owners'.

~ Actual available and balance remaining includes Appropriation Act 2014–15 quarantined appropriation under Section 51 of $19.322m.


#Table 24: Expenses and resources for Outcome 1
Outcome 1: Compliance with workplace relations legislation by employees and employers through advice, education and where necessary enforcement




Program 1: Education Services and Compliance Activities      
Departmental Expenses      
Departmental appropriation* 33,039 33,039
S74 Retained revenue receipts (a) 370 505 (135)
Expenses not requiring appropriation in the budget year 1,107 3,443 (2,336)
Total for Program 1 34,516 36,987 (2,471)
Total Expenses for Outcome 1 34,516 36,987 (2,471)
Average staffing level (number)   2016–17  

* Budget information reflects budgets as set out in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2016–17 (Table 2.1.1).