In July 2011 the ABC Commissioner and ABCC Executive Board conducted a Business Planning Workshop. The purpose of this session was to establish strategic goals for the ABCC for 2011-14, and to create a new strategic business planning framework for the effective implementation of those goals.

The main outcome of that session was the ABCC Statement of Strategic Intent (SoSI) which replaced the ABCC Business Plan. The SoSI was designed to create a clear vision and mission for the agency as well as inform resource allocation, priorities, business practices, systems and capability.

The SoSI set out the following four goals:

1 Ensure effective compliance and responsive enforcement

2 Implement a comprehensive regulation and advisory service

3 Deepen engagement with stakeholders

4 Support and resource our staff


The ABCC was held accountable through Parliament, the courts and tribunals and the Commonwealth Ombudsman. The ABCC Service Charter set out the standards of service to which the organisation was committed.

The Service Charter expressed the values that guided ABCC service. It stated the role of the ABCC, the standard of service the public could expect and the steps that would be taken if these standards were not met. The charter outlined the procedure for contact, communication, feedback and complaint.

The ABCC Service Charter was available on the ABCC website.


The ABCC always aimed to deliver a high level of service. The agency Service Charter clearly outlined the agency’s commitment to timely, effective and consistent service.

The ABCC measured its performance in delivering the outcome prescribed using three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In 2011-12, the ABCC exceeded all three KPIs.

Table 1.1 shows agency performance against KPI targets.



Key Performance Indicators

Target 2011-12

Result 2011-12

Workplace relations laws are enforced in building and construction industry workplaces.

Level of satisfaction of clients with quality and timeliness of advice and assistance provided by the ABCC.

75 per cent of surveyed clients satisfied or highly satisfied.

Target exceeded.

Overall client satisfaction rated at 95 per cent.

Timeliness in bringing actions against contraventions of the BCII Act, the IC Act and the FW Act, agreements, awards and orders.

75 per cent of cases commenced within 18 months of receipt of complaint.

Target exceeded.

The ABCC filed 77 per cent of matters, interventions and submissions before the courts within 18 months of receipt of complaint.

Level of satisfaction of a range of industry participants with contact aimed at promoting appropriate standards of conduct.

75 per cent of surveyed industry participants satisfied or highly satisfied.

Target exceeded.

Overall 85 per cent of clients were satisfied with the service provided by the ABCC.