Section 14 of the BCII Act stipulated mandatory information to be included in the ABCC Annual Report. The requirements that have not been addressed in the body of this annual report are detailed below.

SECTION 14(2)(C)

Details of the extent to which the Building Code was complied with

In the period of this report the Building Code referred to in the BCII Act had not been issued.

SECTION 14(3)(A)

Details of directions given by the Minister during the financial year under s.11 or 12

In the period of this report no directions had been given by the Minister under s.11 or 12.

SECTION 14(3)(B)

Details of delegations by the ABC Commissioner under s.13

In the period of this report, the ABC Commissioner delegated his powers on one occasion:

  • On 8 September 2011, ABC Commissioner Johns delegated under s.13 of the BCII Act his powers under s.72 of the BCII Act to ABC Deputy Commissioner, Brian Corney.